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Copy of Mural Unveil.png
Winosha Steele

Moving to a new and unfamiliar place can be overwhelming, but the warm greetings and acknowledgments I've received have melted away any initial nervousness. Every interaction, from wandering the streets and participating in events to befriending residents, fills me with warmth.

When Britt shared her vision for this project, I felt honored to be part of this innovatively vibrant reflection of the community's impact on our lives. Saranac Lake, with all its charisma, brings me joy and a sense of belonging. ArtRise was my first introduction to SL, and this connection continues to illuminate my journey.

This mural serves as a powerful reminder regarding the importance of recognizing and celebrating every component it features, while also encouraging individuals and families to proudly call the Adirondacks home, emphasizing the strong sense of community nurtured here.

Depicting three races (Native American, Chinese, and Black), my panel highlights the beauty of diversity within our predominantly white area. It symbolizes the thriving nature of inclusivity and spreads messages of love, peace, respect, and unity—values we should cherish.

I extend a special thank you and my utmost appreciation to everyone who contributes to shaping the lasting legacy of this community.

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