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“Thanks to the crew at Art Rise for teaching me many basic skills. Most recently I attended Jess’ sewing classes and learned how to use my sewing machine. From top stitching to French seams I tackled skills that have always made me nervous. At last I’m actually attempting them. Jess teaches with humor and well thought out explanations which makes each class a learning experience coupled with fun. Hope my future is full of new courses at Art Rise."

-Meg Bernstein

"Just wanted to say I absolutely loved my beginning sewing class. The teacher was endlessly patient, the projects were fun and useful, and I was beginning to feel like part of a little sewing community. I would definitely be a regular if we still lived there. Unfortunately, we moved out of state, so that's not an option.


My son (then 12) took a couple of art classes there last summer, and he really enjoyed them. He says, "You get to be creative in them, really creative. Lot of supplies, fun projects."

-Cathy Brown

"Thank you for braving the cold morning last Friday to cheer on the kids during our Great Kindess Challenge Welcome! Your signs were incredible and we are so grateful to have you as a staple in our community. Thank you for always supporting our kids here, it doesn't go unnoticed!"

- Katelyn Rose & Tara Cassidy, Petrova Counseling Team

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