“Thanks to the crew at Art Rise for teaching me many basic skills. Most recently I attended Jess’ sewing classes and learned how to use my sewing machine. From top stitching to French seams I tackled skills that have always made me nervous. At last I’m actually attempting them. Jess teaches with humor and well thought out explanations which makes each class a learning experience coupled with fun. Hope my future is full of new courses at Art Rise."

-Meg Bernstein

"Just wanted to say I absolutely loved my beginning sewing class. The teacher was endlessly patient, the projects were fun and useful, and I was beginning to feel like part of a little sewing community. I would definitely be a regular if we still lived there. Unfortunately, we moved out of state, so that's not an option.


My son (then 12) took a couple of art classes there last summer, and he really enjoyed them. He says, "You get to be creative in them, really creative. Lot of supplies, fun projects."

-Cathy Brown