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Copy of Mural Unveil.png
Eric & Amelie Sternberg
with a little help from Britt Sternberg
ADK Flora

Hi, Britt here. Over the several months that I was hosting workshops for this mural project, my daughter Amelie (age 7) was present at every single one. And when most (but not all) of the panels had been handed out, and I was on the hunt for a few more artists, Amelie volunteered to do one of the pink ones.

"What would you paint?" I asked her. "What kinds of things do you love?"

"Flowers," she answered. And I thought that was just right for our family. I personally have absolutely no skills in the "keeping plants alive" category, but I can definitely appreciate the beautiful garden that my husband carefully tends (and defends from the deer) each year. So, in the way that I do, I volunteered my husband to help Amelie draw some flowers. I am very fortunate that he loves me deeply, despite my tendency to volunteer him for my whims.

And in the way that he does, he created a beautifully detailed drawing of flowers you can find in the ADKs. Some we have in our backyard garden, and some we have seen on our adventures hiking in the area. By the time he was done, it would have been quite a feat for Amelie to paint it all by herself. So we all worked together, and ta da!

A note from Amelie Sternberg:

I love gardening because it helps the Earth and makes people happy. I would grow bouquets of flowers, vegetables for my family, and share the love. 

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