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Rachel Lamb

The Adirondack mountains are a special place for everyone as we all have a deeply inherent connection to our natural world. During Autumn, many people flock to our area to behold the magnificent colors the deciduous leaves give us as they prepare for winter. Autumn colors can capture our sense of wonder and for some, it can be that special thing that keeps drawing them back to the Adirondacks, year after year. I know it certainly did for me, as my first experiences in the Adirondacks were hiking mountains during Autumn to behold the beautiful array of colors from mountain peaks. As I spent more and more time in this area during summer breaks from college, the specialness of this place seeped into my being and I felt a yearning to make the Adirondacks my home.
Saranac Lake, in particular, has a feel to it that is exceptional; It is an arts community with local flair where there is an abundance of community spirit and events fostering togetherness. I feel a sense of belonging here which compelled me to want to raise my family in the Saranac Lake region. My hope is that others who come to Saranac Lake may find a connection with nature and community, as I did, and that together, we can live richer lives where we work together to act as stewards of this land and protect our beloved earth.
I drew out my plans for this panel on basswood, then I cut out the tree and leaf pieces on a bandsaw before using palm handled tools and a detail knife to create the carving. Later, the basswood pieces were affixed to the panel with glue and screws.

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