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Peggy LaPoint Orman
Theatre - Pendragon Theatre, Adirondack Stage Rats, CTP & more

Having not been involved with theatre or performing since my college days; I happily joined my kids in a production of "A Christmas Carol" at Pendragon Theatre in 2003. Fast forward a few years and I realize that whether I'm acting on stage, stage managing and touring, helping with costumes, crewing backstage, creating props, volunteering as an usher, or being an appreciative audience member; the best part is the feeling of community with each show or project. A theatre family that has expanded to include Pendragon, Adirondack Stage Rats, CTP, and beyond.

Because I was making a panel for the library as well, I wanted each panel to make sense not only individually but also in combination. I chose WORDS as the connecting element - each panel has 2 words that are its focal point and can stand on its own but by offsetting the 2 panels - 2 words plus 2 words flow into a cohesive 4 word phrase (WORDS JOURNEY PERFORMANCE TRANSFORMS). 

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