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Peggy LaPoint Orman
Saranac Lake Free Library
(and lovers of reading)

I've been an avid reader since age four (which if you look at my photo, you can tell that was awhile ago), and have worked at the library for close to 20 years. Public libraries are communities almost by their very nature; everyone is welcome and inclusivity is the name of the game! There are books for every interest, taste or reading style (yes, audio books count!). If it isn't on the shelves here, we'll happily get it sent here from another library. Besides books, there are dvds, puzzles, even ukuleles that can be checked out, a variety of programs for young and old, space for other community groups to meet, art shows... You name it, you just might find it at the library!

Because I was making a panel for theatre as well, I wanted each panel to make sense not only individually but also in combination. I chose words as the connecting element - each panel has 2 words that are its focal point and can stand on its own but by offsetting the 2 panels - 2 words plus 2 words flow into a cohesive 4 word phrase (WORDS JOURNEY PERFORMANCE TRANSFORMS).

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