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Leigh Ann Smith
The Canoodlers

The Canoodlers (an imprecise drill team focused on fun) channel Marge Simpson in the 2022 Winter Carnival parade.


Susan Waters formed the group in 2012, when parade organizers were seeking more participants. Since then, more than 60 locals have donned the signature orange vests to twirl their paddles. In addition to providing entertainment for the community, Canoodling is a unique way to beat the winter blues and enjoy the camaraderie of some other quirky folks. Costume creation, learning the routine and sampling the theme-inspired beverage are all part of the fun!


About the artist

Leigh Ann Smith is a fine artist and graphic designer. She moved to Saranac Lake in 2023 to be surrounded by the beauty she often visited throughout the decades. The community has been even more warm and welcoming as reported and she is delighted to now be a Canoodler.


image caption:

The Canoodlers march as gnomes in the 2020 “Myths and Legends” Winter Carnival

Canoodlers_ 2020 Myths & Legends.jpg
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