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Copy of Mural Unveil.png
Kristin Follette Parker
Forever Love in the Adirondacks

My vision was to capture the LOVE that everyone inevitably feels when they are here in the Adirondack Mountains. We are blessed to be here. There is love all around us: love of nature, love of people, love of our Adirondack culture. Many people find love and choose to celebrate their union here in the Adirondacks. Many people love this area and choose to visit the area or choose to stay for a while.

The lower cubed towers represent the mountains filled with beautiful trees. I am hoping that when the sun hits these towers that the cubes will cast shadows looking like trees. The golden lock with the painted heart represents the once found love of this area and the love will stay within you, locked forever. 

Forever Love in the Adirondacks.


Instagram: adkperfectday

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