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Kathleen Bullard

I grew up around freshwater lakes, fishing, sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing and swimming. When we took out the big old Grumman canoe it was usually to go fishing or to swamp it with my friends and play submarine in the air pockets. I came to paddling late when we moved to Saranac Lake and now I am addicted. After retiring from teaching, a friend suggested I get my DEC guide’s license so that I can share my love of the Adirondacks with my guests at my B&B.

     Whether I am guiding clients or paddling with a group of friends, I experience a sense of calm and wonder attributed with nature. The beauty of our mountains and lakes, no matter what season, always amazes me. Being able to see it through my clients eyes reminds me how lucky we are to live here.  

    The compass rose represents the belief that we are traveling in the right direction as long as we are on the water. Scrambling over beaver dams on the Osgood river, paddling against the wind on Middle Saranac, or ambling through the canals at Church Pond give me a sense of accomplishment and peace.  

   The paddling community spans from novices in a kayak for the first time to racers in the 90 miler. There are SUPs, solo and multiple seat canoes, kayaks of all shapes, sizes, and materials. The one thing they all have in common is you get to float under your own power in the beautiful Adirondacks.

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