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Copy of Mural Unveil.png
Johnna Macdougall

One of the most important things I’ve learned while living in our Saranac Lake Community for the past 20 years, is the power of our community spirit. Feeling comfortable, supported, and respected with sharing and shaping and building an understanding of who we are is truly a gift of love for this Welcoming & Belonging Community Mural project. Somabeats expresses their gratitude and am honored to be a part of ArtRise community project.

We LOVE Creating and Celebrating unity among diverse populations in all our communities through rhythmic movements, drumming, and sacred sound music. With a Little bit of this and that added.
We open our hearts in a positive way with inclusion, awareness, consciousness, protest, and love. We express our freedom, With Sound Explorations, Movements and Voice: our invitation is “Be who you are here and now.
The drumbeat is a sign of life and with the dancers, we ignite the heartbeat of our Saranac Lake community. It allows our community to connect with each other with sound and movement and to be part of a collective rhythm of life for all.  
We make music together and dance together, in parades, at festivals, celebrations, for art and music education, for retreats and adventures and just for fun!  ADK Style.
“Feel the BEAT! Find YOUR Rhythm.”

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