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Cooperative Housing Project:

Housing touches us all; we all have stories, hopes and dreams related to housing. ADK ArtRise is partnering with ANCA and other community organizations to give you a variety of ways to express your hopes, dreams, and experiences around housing.  

For our part, we invite you to create your dream house out of materials you have readily available to you, including cardboard and any other recyclables or found objects. If you're not sure where to start, cut out a piece of cardboard, let's say 12" by 12". Imagine that is your plot of land. Next, start to dream about what size house you would put on that plot. A tiny house with lots of farm lands? A mansion that takes up the whole plot? A tower fifteen stories tall?


What Next?

Housing Inspired art will be featured throughout Saranac Lake beginning on October 31st and will be moved and continually added to in the towns of Lake Placid, Malone and Plattsburgh over the winter months.  All of the opportunities to engage with this project are free and open to the public. Participants are invited to check out  to learn more about the cooperative housing project.

Need ideas?
Download our easy cardboard house template!

And watch the instructional video...

"Housing co-ops, like the one currently being developed in Lake Placid, provide a sustainable option for local people eager to own a home but priced out of the market," said Elizabeth. "We hope that building a model house or sharing housing stories will inspire the community to learn more about or join this project, which will serve as a model for future North Country projects and ANCA and CDI's leadership in the region's cooperative housing sector."

-Elizabeth Cooper, Executive Director

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