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Carla Sternberg

We’ve all had times in our lives when we felt a need to manifest our emotions in some way. (We give heart shaped cards on Valentine’s Day; gifts to those we care for; and we share deeply held stories with those willing to hear them.) And we play music to vent feelings. I’d guess everyone’s belted out a tune and felt a feeling of release? Perhaps played a song, and privately danced to express a joy?


Some of us play music with instruments, and some of us just like to sing a tune! More than likely, that tune will be an outward expression of an inner emotion or thought. I love to sing. To aid me in singing, I learned to play basic guitar chords. The combination of strumming those guitar strings and belting out a song is highly gratifying.


A wonderful expression of community can be playing and singing with others. Fortunately, here in Saranac Lake we have opportunities for joining other musicians. We are blessed with many gifted people in many areas of expression. The feeling of being in the company of others with similar passions is wonderful! Should you decide you'd like to learn to play, ask around and I'll bet you can find a group you can join with in the experience!


Saranac Lake is a compassionate, expressive and caring community. I feel blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for including me in this community effort. 

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