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Aubrey "Jade" Fox

I've spent most of my adult life living, working, and traveling overseas, but the Adirondacks remains my favorite place on earth. I grew up here, and a little over three years ago I returned from my travels. While I enjoy hiking and I feel most in touch with nature itself while outdoors, when asked how I interact with the community and where I find belonging, it'd have to be with my work as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and other aquatic safety functions. Therefore, I thought an "aquatics" themed piece was appropriate.


I created this part of the mural in the midst of a major art block. Artistically, my background is mainly in comics and animation. Since I tend to draw things in motion, I wanted to include some movement in the piece. And since my last name is "Fox", and my job involves swimming, a fox swimming in water seemed fitting. But art block is difficult, so I took things slow. I came in and tackled the artwork bit by bit. I was encouraged by the other artists working on the project, and supported a lot by the one who started the project (who I will continue to call "Grasshopper" even if no one else does haha).


So, thank you Grasshopper, and the other artists on this project. Thank you to my family who always supported my love of art, travel, and the outdoors. And thank you to all the swimmers and beach goers in the area. The water's nice, and I'm glad y'all enjoy it with me!

Learn more about Aubrey's work here:


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