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Adult Center Part 2
Facilitated by Bryon Connolly
The Stages of Life

The Saranac Lake Adult Center's panels represent the beauty of the different stages of life.   From seed to sapling , Tree to Bloom, Fruit to harvest.   The stages of growth are humbling, defining, sometimes painful, but alway beautiful.  We chose a Tree to represent us because of what trees do.  They nurture us, give us air to breathe, food to sustain us, shade to offer us relief and dream under its protection. They're sacrifice  provides us with warmth from our  hearth , shelter with our homes.   Trees are the Mothers and Fathers of life.    


The Saranac Lake Adult Community and Wellness Center has been a member of this community for over 50 years.  We operate Meals on Wheels,  Adult information and training, Seminars on Technology , Education, Protection and Life.


Bryon F Connolly was the Artist for the panels, with the support from the Saranac Lake Adult Center Membership. 

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