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COURSES- 3 to 8 week series of classes in one subject. The length of the session varies depending on the school calendar. Book a course with a discounted rate as opposed to "dropping in" if you know you want to take the class every week for a more in depth artistic exploration. 

DROP IN-  If you'd like to take a single class in one of our course subjects, check the Drop In page of our website! If there is room for more participants and the project can be completed in a single class, we will list the openings on the Drop In page. Please note that not all courses are available to Drop In. 

EVENTS- Check here for special events, including date nights and guest teachers. The prices for these special classes vary based on class length and materials, so they must be signed up for individually. 


And to our

Doodle Donors!


We are putting together a team of volunteers whom we can email when a task comes up that we would love help with. This ranges from cleaning and flyer hanging to accounting and grant writing- so let us know in the comment box what kinds of tasks you'd be willing to help with! Thanks!

Want to Volunteer?
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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